The Auto Project

This is the result of one of Julio Auto's dreams: his first professional record - and one he would honestly, truly, enjoy. It has been over a decade of playing with a number of bands, dozens of musicians. The bands were never right, and his ambitious and restless nature kept him moving around (4 very different cities - in Brazil and abroad -, so far).

This would never work.

And so the wait for the perfect band was over. AUTO had to debut, one way or another. It took plenty of words, chords, money, blood, sweat, tears... and some "finding the right people". But when you have the music and you have the vision, it is easier to spot the people that can execute them.

And that is what Julio did.

This do-it-yourself attitude is the record's major key. Rock music. From the soul. No boss, no stylism, no strings attached. "Just pick a guitar up and sing your heart out", Julio would say.

AUTO is about making yourself heard, and then being proud of what you hear.